this virgin walks into the room...

So, I ran across this community looking through the big sex_comm list at random, and I figured I'd join and post. I'm a guy who's 26 and, yes, still a virgin. I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but I'd like to change it, so I figure I might as well think about it a bit.

I suppose where the story begins is when I first had a girlfriend of some sort. I was 17, and as seems to be typical for guys at a certain age, I got very emotionally attached very quickly, and thought I was in love. She didn't see things quite the same way, so after much blindness, I finally got a clue and quit trying to pursue the issue.

After that, I was somewhat bitter about romantic/sexual relationships, and I remained so well into college. And then, I guess at some point, it became a habit, and I just didn't bother pursuing relationships, beyond totally platonic friendship. Though I've made some fairly weak attempts to end this trend, it hasn't amounted to much of anything.

Now, I'm certainly at least of average looks, and I'm not totally shy (perhaps a little introverted, but I did okay in job interviews and stuff, and I do have some friends I hang around regularly). I'm not quite interested in marriage or kids yet, but as far as I can tell, I'm not the only one, especially here (SF bay area), where there are plenty of writer/artist types. The equipment works okay, in fact I've gotten quite good at using it myself, as often as desired, but I think I would like to actually combine sexual release with intimacy sometimes. I just never figured out how, or something.

i'm not even sure...

i'm an 18/f i've always considered myself straight, but there are times when i would have to agree if some girl is hott or if i were a guy i'd sleep with her. perhaps it's just the college experience or because i'm around a lot more people, people who are different from my high school life... i've found some other girls (not a lot) that i was sexually attracted to as myself. there's especially this one girl, an assistant instructor of mine for this club, that i think i might even have a crush on. :X i mean, i think she's a great person and i'd like to hang out with her more...

even as of lately, i've caught myself staring at girls lately. i dont' know why, it's not like i'm jealous or anything. there are just things that strike me about the people around...

anyway, perhaps its just a phase, but i dunno. i'm accepting of everyone else's sexuality.. i'm just not so sure about mine at this moment. i haven't done anything with either sex, so i don't know what i do or do not like (and i'm not quite rushing it either)but it's not like i'm looking for a girlfriend or anything... i happen to notice all the guys more. yeah, i'll get turned on by female porn, but doesn't everyone?

perhaps it's just a phase...


HI everyone, Was reading some of your entrys. how come this community isn't very active? Hmm anyhow.
I'm 21. And Im bisexual. Still a virgin. I've had alot of chances to have sex. I just get to scared and back out. Im not exactaly sure of what im scared of. Maybe my body image, I don't really know what exactaly to do If me n the guy/ girl were sittin naked in front of each other weirdly to say.
I've had 1 boyfriend, and 1 girlfriend my whole life And i guess that may be why i don't know. To me i'd rather be alone and masturbate then be with someone who could see me naked and have sex. I'm of course scared it will hurt, alot of people tell me it doesn't hurt but their different from me so how will i know if it will or not. Anyway I kinda think sometimes i should just do it and get it over with, but then i find a reason to not, exp. Period, feel sick, tired. I come up with excuses to save myself from this situation alot. Does anyone else do this or am i crazy? I don't have alot of experience with much. Except kissing really. And it sucks. Sometimes i think masturbating gets old cus you do it so much and its lame, So i don't for a long time but Then i think ok im gonna have sex today and no once again i chicken out. I dunno what the big deal is that i have to be so scared. I hate it. Any help or advice?


Hi im new here just thought i'd say hi, Will tell you more later off to bed just wanted to say hi and hope no one minds me joining this community.

: )
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Hey everyone, I joined. Basically I'm a virgin who wants to have sex, yet is to petrified to do so. I'm not realy waiting for anything. Or anyone, really. I'm just indiffrent about it I suppose. Well, I will pst more later.

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Greetings, everyone!

I am new here and I have a question:

My boyfriend and I are both 19; we have been dating for almost two years (it will be 2 years in January). We are moving very slowly in our relationship (sexually), and we love eachother very very much. I have been pleasing him with my hands for much of our time going out, and he says that he is getting more ready to please ME with his hands.

I have never been touched before, and I am really nervous for a few reasons:

1) It will hurt.
2) Im worried that I wont like it
3) Im worried that HE wont like it or will find it gross/awkward

I think there was another reason but I forgot what it was. If anyone has any advice, Id love to hear it! Thank you in advance!
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