Always and forever you and me (livinglife4u) wrote in closetoyou,
Always and forever you and me

why is it that once i start to actually get over him he pulls this:

him: Man I miss talkin to u
him: I'm sorry for what happen
me: it happens
me: thats life and theres nothing i can do about it.
him: I just wanted to be there for her
him: I was really startin to like u
him: Sorry if that scared u

cant he just stop rubbing it in my face that i COULDVE had a chance if it wasnt for HER? heh. things like this make me even more angry that i am always the friend and never the girlfriend. idk. he comes to me for advice and for someone to talk to when his gf (er ex at the moment) is bothering him. idk. sometimes i feel like im being used, and it sucks :o\
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