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Yeah, it's me, again. I always feel like I post here but rarely comment, but I'm really confused at the moment... yeah, I posted earlier about the whole "soreness" I'm wondering something else. Sorta connected, but not really sure how....does that make sense? Anyway -

I feel so odd being around my friends, after what happened. I told three of my really good friends what happened...two reassured me that nothing has changed between the two of us (whole "pre-marital sex" argument is a big thing with my friends and I, i don't really know why) and one even gave me really good advice. The other one is making me beat my head against a freaking wall. Up until talking to her, I was not regreting the entire thing, just not being prepared for talking to everyone afterwards. Now...I don't know!!! ARGH! Is this normal? Any idea how to handle her and her sometimes-really-sorta-over-the-top opinions?

And being around him too. I sent him home from hanging out with me early yesterday because I was feeling....idk, uncomfortable isn't the word, but not like I normally do. I love him to death, I really really do. But I'm so confused right that normal too?

Am I stressing out over absolutly nothing? Is this normal? Or do I just need to beat my head against the way some more times and then take a deep breath and say "Get over it already!"?

Thanks again...I know I'm, sorta, well, exploding but...well....yeah. Sorry...


X-posted absolutely everywhere again.
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